Product Development

We are a multidisciplinary team of product designers and engineers with design and manufacturing experience across a wide range of industries with extensive NPD experience. From designing inventions for solo inventors and small businesses to assisting large corporations with product design projects and manufacturing, we turn ideas into products. Use our services as needed to get your product made, get help filing patent applications for your new inventions, and produce products for sale. 

Design brainstorming

Talk to our team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic engineers about your ideas. They'll give you detailed feedback on how to improve your product's marketability, functionality and manufacturing ease.

Material Selection

The foundation of any excellent product design is high-quality materials. We offer a variety of options to ensure your product is long-lasting, functional, and attractive, including: Silicone, urethane, and thermoplastics are also examples of silicone. Metals • Glass fibre • Carbon fibre • Timber During the prototyping stage, you can also experiment with a variety of materials.

Make the design fully functional

Our skilled engineers will help you build: • Sensors • Circuit boards • Microprocessors • Actuators • Touch screens • Hydraulics • Pneumatic systems • And more if your product requires electronics or complex machinery to function. Our team will find ways to simplify the manufacturing process without sacrificing the product's quality or functionality, even though you're creating a complex piece of machinery.

Product Manufacturing

Our services are unique in that we also provide the final tooling needed to manufacture your product. This includes: • scanning the precise dimensions of your product with a 3D scanner • Surface modelling • Creation of prismatic geometry • Creation of non-prismatic geometry • Software for reverse engineering .All of these tools help to make the manufacturing and assembly process go more smoothly. You can see which components are used in the design and replicate each part with higher accuracy.