3D Printing / Prototyping

The method of making three-dimensional structures from a digital file is known as 3D printing or additive manufacturing. The object is made by layering various materials on top of one another. 3D printing allows for the development of complex shapes with high precision by using less materials than conventional manufacturing methods. This technique can be used to make anything from basic prototypes to high-tech objects, including artificial human organs made from human cell layers. This technology has advanced to the point that it can now be used for efficient mass manufacturing production.

Rapid prototyping strategies have a range of advantages, including:
1. Project proposals must be communicated quickly and effectively.
2. Validation of design fit, shape, and feature that works
3. More design versatility, including the ability to go through several design iterations quickly.
4. Better end-products and less production design defects.

Cholan dynamics can assist you with quicker, more reliable prototypes for concept testing and analysis  to help the manufacturing process move more quickly  or with actual large scale production of custom products.

Our 3D printers and materials are now in use by some of the world’s biggest businesses, as well as some of the smallest, for a wide variety of production requirements. The number of companies that use our technology is as diverse as it comes. Toys, electronics, bottles, motors, engines, brake pads, vehicles, aircraft, and more are all made by our customers.


PLA, PET-G, Flexible (TPE, TPU), Metal-filled Composites (Gold, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper), Wood fill, Carbon-fiber, SS316, Aluminum and other PLA Composites.


An Extra Large 3D printer - 500*500*500 cu mm Build Volume, re-engineered with industry class enhancements to handle larger prints & faster.

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Sanding, spray painting
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