Patent Support

A patent is a federally granted right that allows an inventor to prevent others from making, selling, or using their invention for a set period of time. A patent is an intellectual property right that can protect technical device apparatus, processes, and uses as long as they are new, innovative, and industrially applicable. A patent may also be used to protect computer programmes or software in India and overseas if the programme has a technical impact or solves a technical problem with technical means.

The release of information without adequate protection throughout your project may result in your idea being exploited for the benefit of someone else. We can provide assistance and advice on how to best prevent this, whether through the use of a patent, a registered design, or another appropriate method.

Our design process was developed with the goal of generating intellectual property (IP) for your project that is worth protecting. In this case, we recommend that you investigate this IP with one of the reputable external Patent Agents with whom we have previously collaborated.

We work closely with Patent Agents and can meet their needs to help protect your intellectual property. 

What We provide:

  1. Patent Drawing
  2. Support to get the patent