Lethal Swarm Drone (AI-LSD)

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Lethal Swarm drone:

AI-LSD, stands for Artificial Intelligence Lethal Swarm drone: The drones are guided by artificial intelligence, and the swam can pack from 2 to more than 1000 numbers.


The drone is capable of fly together or split in a particular area and the AI collects data of that entire area, the data contains the detail like number and type of buildings, Route, number of living things, Type of being, weapons, vehicles, facial recognition and lot. All the data are sent live to the operator sitting in the control room, and the operator can command the drones to destroy or terminate any vehicles or humans on command of the operator. The drone is equipped with lethal grenades, the explosion makes the target and the drone completely wiped. The drone is completely self learning, which makes it highly effective.

Note: The product is under Patent pending

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